Ice Storm

Posted: Thea

Just when things seemed back to normal with the hatching past and 2 new weyrling pairs settled in the barracks, winter decided to throw a last farewell (is it EVER going to be over, really?) party in the form of an ice storm. Three days and nights of freezing rain afterwhich temperatures plummeted below freezing, has left the Xanadu area in the grips of a several inches thick layer of ice. Trees and limbs are down under the weight of it, electric wires snapped, overland travel suspended. The wings continue to patrol for Laris and his band, but are taxed with search and rescue forays when the outlying holds radio in for aid. The Weyrfolk? they're hunkered down but the young folk are taking advantage of the ice for games. The Weyrwoman's main concern? Please - don't break anything sliding around out there!

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