Posted: Thea (for Jethaniel)

When the dragons began to hum, the word spread quickly through the Weyr. It was greeted with relief; after all the troubles with these eggs, at last the time had come for them to hatch. The candidates were hustled onto the Hatching Arena sands only lately restored to function, and the white robed figures stood hopeful while others watched from the stands.

It is common practice to have more candidates than eggs. The dragons need a choice, after all. In this hatching, the candidates outnumbered the eggs so vastly as to border on the ridiculous. There was nothing there to hatch from Auspiraeths eggs as the candling revealed there were never any viable embryos within and so theyd been consigned to Between. For some of Yumeths, the lives inside had ended before they could even begin; they, too, went to the dark of Between.

At last an egg trembled and cracked. Hatching-day came to Xanadu; of ten eggs that once lay on the sands, only two hatched:

Snow-touched Valley Green Miyukith to Dan (Danikan) NPC

Muddied Footsteps Brown Kaidoth to J'o (Joss) NPC

OOC: We're wrapping this TP so we won't step over into Fort Weyr's IC Search, but there are still a few backscenes to do (the hatching and feast when we can get people together to RP it). Many thanks to Jethaniel, who was the brainchild behind this involved crafter's TP (and who wrote this bbpost), Sorrin, who volunteered her queen for the NPC clutch, Rwylann who joined us with hers and the NPC Candidates who played along. You all rock!

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