New Weyrlings in the Barracks

Ellamariseth and Kilaueth have been settled on the sands together, thankfully without incident, for sevendays upon sevendays, watching their joint, yet distinctly separate clutches harden upon the red and white Sands of Xanadu. In time, all things had to come to an end.

Unfortunately, as peacefully as the golds brooded, the hatching proved to be anything but. One young blue protested from the start, and took it upon himself to ignore the candidates upon the sands, creeling loudly and badly bashing up his chest before managing to get up the stairs into the Sands to find young Damali. To make matters worse, in the blue's hurry to get to his chosen, he badly wounded a young man who had only recently been asked to join the candidate class. The Healers did all that they could, unfortunately the 20-something year old Raanan from Black Rock Hold had lost too much blood and did not survive.

Despite the incidents, there were 11 new, though somber, weyrling pairs who left the Sands.

From Kilaueth's clutch:
Building Storm Egg hatched Threatening Lightning Bronze Piapoth who Impressed to B'rak (Barak)
Skies of Gray Egg hatched Dreary Day Brown Neomonth who Impressed to Aolani
Painting the Skies Egg hatched Wispy Runnertails Blue Tadith who Impressed to R'ys (Rhys)
Heaven's Lens Egg hatched Perfect Sight Blue Ojalith who eventually Impressed to Damali
Puffs and Pillows Egg hatched Gentle Protector Blue Layanth who Impressed to L'mis (Lamis), and
Obscured Smoke Egg hatched Spark in the Dark Green Mahaskath who Impressed to Kiho.

From Ellamariseth's clutch:
Searing Rainfall Egg hatched Painstakingly Etched Brown Chukuth who Impressed to P'gin (Pagin)
First Snow Egg hatched Flurries of Frost Blue Palkith who Impressed to Ura
Savage Deluge Egg hatched Spinning Cyclones Blue Badriyath who Impressed to A'zar (Alazar)
Clear Permafrost Egg hatched Lichen and Moss Green Mihrith who Impressed to A'tis (Abetis), and
Hail Storm Egg Hatched Flailing Fury Green Palamiyeth who Impressed to Tilly.

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