Posted: Thea

Perhaps later than with most clutches, with the shells now well-past hardened enough to touch, the candidates have been allowed to touch them. Removed from the incubator just for this session, the eggs were placed upon the artificial sands in the dragonhealer's annex. Under the intent gaze of both queens, their riders, the AWLMs, several dragonhealers and the Weyrwoman, all watching the candidates for those tell-tale nuances that come with the experienced sensation of sensing viable dragonets within. The disturbing end result is that none of Auspiraeth's eggs and only two of Yumeth's eggs drew any visible sort of reaction from the placing of hand to shell, prompting the dragonhealers to further testing and closer scrutiny of those eggs. As the time draws near where they should hatch, it's with a gathering uneasiness that the Weyr waits.

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