Here and Gone Again

With one of Igen's Junior golds on the Sands already, there was said to be a certain uproar coming from the Senior Weyrwoman's office as a young goldrider claiming to be an independent rider from Ierne asked for permission to clutch on Igen's Sands. Of course, little could be done about it, for even as they were in discussion, the rogue gold Lusiath had already taken to depositing her clutch in a small section of the Hatching Grounds.

However, the most unexpected aspect arose as the following morning, the Weyr was awoken by a loud ruckus from the Sands, and a mental backlash that reverberated through the wings, a visibly distressed gold disappearing high overhead. Left in her wake was a clutch of 5 eggs, each rather awkwardly buried, but seemingly intact.

Since then, the eggs have been carefully tended by the resident gold, much to Senior Weyrwoman Matilda's dismay, and no further signs have been seen.

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