A Long Flight

At Xanadu a gold rose high and far after leaving a massive mess in the feeding grounds. Some say her rider did not control her well enough, others say that the pair is all two well in connection and that the destruction was just a sign of the pair releasing some much pent up anger. Whatever it was, Sakrienth did take to the skies with several suitors in her wake.

Oh How she did dive and duck, twisting away from all those who would claim the desert gold until she made that one mistake that all chased females make when the tire. Most were betting that it would be a certain Istan Bronze that would claim the prize, others were betting on some of Xanadu's Buff Boys, while others were saying that it would be a sneaky male that would swoop in. Those who bet on the last won the pot! For it was Bronze Destroth and his rider J'ril that ended up with a blissful Sakrienth and a raging, fist swinging Sianne who was seen storming back to her own weyr within hours of the flights end.

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