Hatching Sands Complication

Posted: Thea

As if the newly-repaired hatching sands heating unit wasn't concern enough with Yumeth clutching on them about a month ago, an egg-heavy queen from Ierne has requested clearance and been granted permission to lay her clutch in Xanadu. Due to her history of having some small-sized and nonviable eggs, Auspiraeth needs to be near the dragonhealers of Xanadu who specialize in fertility. Thus Rwylann and Auspiraeth were granted permission to utilize Xanadu Weyr's hatching sands since the incubator in the Annex is nearby and handy. A clutch of five colorless, uniformly small eggs was laid in the evening hours of day 7 week 4 in month 2 of Turn 2694.

Speculation is rife about whether Rwylann will bring in Candidates from Ierne to stand for these eggs, allow Xanadu candidates to stand for them, or whether they will hatch at all. If they do hatch, should they even allow them to impress since the dragon hatchlings may not survive? Regardless, there is now a double clutch on Xanadu's sands with two golds in an uneasy truce with Fort's Brown Maehwazyeth and Ierne's bronze Yarovith attendant on their mates and clutches.

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