An Apprentice Returns

It was mid-day at the Healer Hall near Fort Hold, which means it was very early in the evening for those at Xanadu Weyr when brownrider M'nol left on an unusual task for being in the search & rescue wing. He left for transport duty. Of course, those handing him the task knew whom he was picking up, as did he. For four - going on five - months the healer apprentice Phylicia has been missing from the Weyr's scenery, but no longer. M'nol came back with the newly promoted senior apprentice, and immediately set to making her at home in his treetop weyr. Not that she argued with this at all. Phylicia has returned to Xanadu Weyr, and is trying to make her rounds with the friends that she's been missing around her usual lessons, and making time for the Journeywoman Farrah, one of the reasons that she was allowed to return to the Weyr.

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