Dragonhealers' Annex Hatching

Seryth's eggs have hatched and there are now six new dragon hatchlings and weyrlings in the barracks. They are the first Xanadu has ever hatched successfully from the incubator in the Annex before. The hatching went smoothly and injury-free despite an anxious Seryth and one pouncing hatchling.

Laid to Rest in the Depths Galleon Egg: Majestic Herald's Crest Bronze Hatchling (Wyvern)
Skeletal Shipwreck Graveyard Egg: The Island's Doppelganger Brown Hatchling (Aspidochelone )
Song From The Depths Egg: Hungry Like A Wolf Brown Hatchling (Akhlut )
Baracle Encrusted Egg: Dines with Whales Blue Hatchling (Ceirean)
The Rock and the Hard Place Egg: Engulfing Gyre Green Hatchling (Charbydis)
Undulating Toxicity Egg: Sirenusia's Smoldering Seduction Green (Peisinoe)

Bronze Wyverth and V'raen (Varaen)
Brown Docheloth and T'qua (Tebriqua)
Brown Akhluth and Keiryn
Blue Ceireath and Lisila
Green Charybdth and C'con (Cecron)
Green Peisinth and Pol

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