A Gift From Fort

It was a sight to be seen early in the morning at Xanadu Weyr. A fleet of dragons popped in to the skies above the clearing. Headed by a small blonde man on a tiny green dragon with an air of command that made them seem as big as any gold. The authority that would make any Weyrwoman proud. The organization of the delivery was absolutely perfect. Dragons sorted by color and courses brought in platters and parcels filled with food. And one very large bronze dragon packed to the brim with a very precious cargo of legendary truffles.

The feast was set up rather quickly and orderly. Soon the bland and uninventive meals were replaced by Fort's finst culinary creations. All of which had been previously prepared for the upcoming hatching feast. Anything from juicy roasts to delicious desserts can be found. Among the tables of food set up, were tables full of various Truffles created by R'ja. The various truffles are something of a legend at Fort Weyr and have become a Hatching tradition. R'ja had created enough Truffles to feed a Gather full of people. That and all of the other food was enough to feed the entire Weyr and then. The riders who made the special delivery had left just as quickly as they came.

When asked by a passing Harper why give up the feast, the blonde greenrider just responded with. "We should not be enjoying lavish food while one of the other Weyrs is stuck with practically nothing. Not that the Bakers here at Xanadu have not done an amazing job with the little that they have. We just had an abbundance of food and the Weyrleadership at Fort was more then happy to make this sacrifice to another Weyr in need. In a time of crisis, no matter how big or small. The riders need to be here for one another." He flashed the harper a charming smile and then went back to checking the smallest of details before hopping onto his tiny green and heading back home.

From Fort Weyr's Bulletin Board

Anyone who has walked by the kitchens for the past sevendays could smell some of the cullinary creations that they have been preparing for an upcoming hatching feast. The most distinguished of them all is the smell of truffles that R'ja makes for every hatching. The green rider has actually had his dragon protecting the truffles like a brooding Gold. Only a few of the special truffles had been leaked out during an impromptu beach cookout the other night. But it would seem that those samples will be the only taste of these truffles that the Fortians will get this hatching cycle. It seems that this morning, the tiny blonde haired man organized the truffles and all of the other food for the Hatching Day Feast. He loaded them up on dragons early in the morning and they went Between somewhere.

Rumors started to spread like wildfire that the food was kidnapped. But in truth it was delivered to Xanadu to help the Weyr in need. A statement let out by Fort's Weyrleadership stated that this clutch we would not be having a lavish Hatching Feast. That we have given the food for the celebration to one of our fellow Weyrs who were in need. Despite that there are still whispers of why this was really done. Someone even made a snide remark that Tarish probably didn't want to celebrate. Others think that it was lost in a game of Dragonpoker. But anyone visiting Xanadu clearing would see that the food is as safe as it can be until it is devoured by the hungry Xanadu Riders and Weyrfolk.

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