A Plan of Action

With initial cleanup started in the Xanadu kitchens, it seems that they have been rendered completely unusable as a result of the initial explosion and the resulting fire, as well as the various fire fighting efforts. In addition, there are concerns that the structure of the kitchens themselves have been compromised, and so a list of steps has been developed. For the time being, large fire circles are being constructed in the clearing, and meals are rather bland and uninventive.

Calls have gone out to the other Weyrs: It seems that Xanadu is searching for a set of the large kettles that many areas formerly employed in their kitchens, to allow for alternative cooking.

To the crafts: The Miners have been contacted about performing a structural evaluation of the Kitchens and the Caverns, as well as for outline an appropriate method to shore up any problem sections. The Smiths have been contacted about a rather curious idea, though the specifics are still under the table. And the techcrafters have been contacted about the eventual replacement of the kitchen.

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