A Series of Diasters

Nothing is ever straightforward at Xanadu Weyr. What should have been a normal day of dragon feeding turned into one disaster after the next when Ellamariseth managed to take out a series of feeding ground pen rails, and a frightened Erdric was left to scream. Unfortunately, a change reaction was set into motion, and before anything could be done, the herdbeasts were stampeding and Y'ki was left trampled beneath them - bleeding and unconscious and apparently suffering from amnesia, while Niva's leg was broken in multiple places. Ysa, while not truly injured, was worse for the wear as well, as she was covered in almost every disgusting substance available. Erdric you ask? Not even Erdric was left unscathed, for as the cause, he was given over the headwoman's care for a suitable punishment - and who knows what Hisolda will concoct. As for the herdbeasts? Hopefully the fence will be mended, or the food source will be significantly short.

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