Weyrling News

One of the weyrlings of Ellamariseth and Arinith's clutch, still approximately a month short of graduation, rose unexpectedly. Green Patroniath led them on a merry chase, despite the surprising timing of her flight, and was eventually caught by one of her fellow weyrlings. However, the weyrling H'rry had been in tutoring with one of the local Journeyman harpers to ensure he was ready for graduation - needless to say it was a different sort of education for both of them.

In other weyrling news, Halle and her brown Astith suffered a minor injury during their initial exercises, when somehow the brown managed to overdo it. As a result, the brown is on light duty for the next sevenday for his wing muscles to heal, and Halle is stuck running errands for the leadership.

Finally, one of the older blueriders of the weyr - T'kin, rider of Rodenth - was lost between. The cause for this was unknown, however he was carrying out normal sweeps, so it is unlikely it was an external force.

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