A Glimpse of Gold

A glimpse of glowing gold tends to attract a certain amount of attention. Even, and perhaps particularly, when it occurs somewhere unusual, where no glitter of gold should be found. And so, when a pale gold rose over Telgar Hold, a mental call going out to the males far and wide, it was no surprise that a group amassed rather quickly - nor is it any surprise that the flight played havoc on the poor unsuspecting Holders below. It was a rather short flight, though it showed none of the issues the plagued Lusiath the previous time she'd risen.

In the end, it was the Ierne rider R'ik's bronze Tunseth who captured Lusiath high above the Hold. While R'ik captured Kate as well, t'was only for the duration of the flight, and she and Lusiath slipped away before the bronze pair became aware, disappearing as quickly as they appeared.

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