Ellamariseth Rises

Ellamariseth had finally settled into her new home, after spending most of her life in Telgar and a short stint in Ierne. While she wasn't always the best behaved queen in the Weyr, she definitely had a good schedule down for flights. So it was with a complete surprise that the Telgar-born gold decided to take to the skies again and very shortly after the Senior gold, Kilaueth, had risen.

It was quick, it was pain… less, and it was very uncomfortable for most involved, especially a completely baffled Ysa. But at the end of the flight, after Ella led them on a tough but fast chase, the gold found herself entwined with a visiting brown from Ista Weyr, M'iken's Meluth. Evidently there was a lot of surprise that her weyrmate didn't win again, but Ysa will be more angered by the fact that soon enough, she will be grounded again on the sands.

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