Weyrlings to Wings

It has been quite some time since Solarith and Seryth's double clutch hatched on Xanadu's sands to add quite a few numbers to the weyrling population. It has also been quite some time since the weyrlings took their places in the weyr wings, leaving the barracks behind.

Joining the Asteroid wing as crafters are:
Calyn and blue Chupath
Jev'n and blue Akyth
Lila and green Yuanth
S'lar and Brown Cusith
Xandraea and green Quarbimlath

The Rubicon brothers T'eri and S'alyn were both tapped into Comet as delivery riders with their dragons Blue Lesirauth and Green Celaenth.

The Galaxy wing gained two new rescue riders in A'li and Blue Najimeth and the reluctant N'sken and Green Seibanth.

The Nebula technology wing tapped the former tech-crafter Balana and her Green Phaselith as well as M'ren and Brown Atsath in what seems like a bit of a surprise move.

Lastly, the Quasar diplomacy wing took on A'ar and Brown Turinth as well as T'ne and Blue Teyath.

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