Storm Cleanup

With a month having passed since the sudden storm rolled its way through the region, things are finally beginning to resemble something that could be called normal. With the masonry team from Rubicon River working overtime, many of the outlying cotholds have been repaired, while those damaged most severely have been removed to make room for new structures. Teams from the Plastic craft have also been working hard creating their extruded plastics in order to help with the new cotholds, in some cases providing an upgrade for the holders.

Around Xanadu, the majority of the refugees have filtered back to their various holdings, and the majority of the meadow has been repaired, though signs are still visible if one looks closely.

However, despite the cleanup effort, one thing is still absent: The herds that broke free in the storm have yet to be recovered in full as many of the animals feel prey not only to the storm, but also to various wild animals and the marsh. And so, with meat in short supply, the word is filtering through the ranks that a large scale hunt will be held to augment the Weyr's own supplies in time for the expected Founder's Day crowds.

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