Something Else Missing

With the sudden disappearance of a certain Apprentice Healer comes the disappearance of something the Weyr hasn't lacked in since M'nol's arrival: his smile. There had been rumors that the two might have been becoming an item, but it's doubtful anyone could have predicted the slump he has fallen into since she left.

After Alosynth's flight he had rushed to the infirmary, hoping to see her, only to be told that she had been transferred. Not believing this, he had then rushed to the craft apprentice dormitories, the reason for his initial visit long forgotten in his worry, to discover that her entire cot area had been completely cleaned out. The simple note she'd left him did nothing to lighten his sadness at her leaving and he swore not to ask anyone else to Weyrling graduation, insisting that she'd return to accompany him.

Truly the lad seems changed since she left and rumors abound of what he was doing the night he spent away from the Weyrling Barracks, the healer also conspicuously absent from her own barracks, but whatever happened, he's not telling, which certainly isn't helping control the glut of rumors. But so far he has remained silent and sad.

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