The Aftermath of the Storm

In the early morning hours, a storm came suddenly off the Sea of Azov and pushed over Xanadu Weyr, bringing with it severe thunderstorms, hail, and to the dismay of many tornados. One cyclone touched down briefly in the Clearing before reforming in the Meadow, tearing its way across the area, tearing through trees and houses alike while the heavy rains caused flooding in the coastal areas. Also a casualty of the lightning strike was the main generator for the Hatching Arena, causing the artificially heated sands to rapidly cool, and for Seryth's hardening clutch to be rushed to the DragonHealers Annex's incubator which continues to run off its own backup generator.

Clean up has begun almost immediately, with Search riders sent to outlying areas to attempt to help, while those unable to leave the Weyr have been drafted into helping around the Weyrself. With the animals spooked, many running free, and many of the Weyr's own growing crops ruined by the heavy hail, rations and tempers are short.

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