N'kor Transfers to Igen

Current rumours say that a sensational well-known singer was at the Wanderin' Wherry Tavern the other night, entertaining a full house. The wingleader from Igen with the famous harper voice made a pit stop in Xanadu; many say due to some sort of deal made between a Xanadu bronze rider and herself. Everyone knows that Igen and Xanadu Weyr don't share a great relationship to start with, politically unstable to say the least. With the bad blood between the Weyrs, this alone was a great cause of interest among the gossipers of the Weyr. What were they saying? What were they doing together in a place so public but so noisy that conversation couldn't be heard clearly? Did it have to do with Weyr interrelations?

Between a short bar brawl and a very rowdy crowd singing along with the various harper tunes the woman was belching out, the results were the same at the end of the day. Xanadu has lost the second bronze rider to come from the last clutch to an outside Weyr promotion.

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