Xanadu Riders Released

Four days after being taken into custody at Xanadu for trespassing and suspicion of looting, Xanadu's Weyrleader, D'son, junior weyrwoman Thea, dragonhealer Sigam and four (NPC) riders from different Xanadu wings were released from Ista Weyr. No formal charges were brought against the Xanadu riders, though a warning was issued from the Weyrleaders to stop giving Ista any more problems. A little grimier than when they left, the group returned to Xanadu, with D'son reporting to the Weyrwoman immediately to go over the incident. Apparently, the Weyrleader issued a formal apology to Ista Weyr for the confusion and promised that, in the future, official channels would be used. What this means for relations between Ista and Xanadu going forward is uncertain.

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