Arrests at Ista!

The news broke on the evening of 7/26, passed from dragon-to-dragon and there to humans: the Weyrleader, junior weyrwoman Thea, dragonhealer Sigam and four other Xanadu chromatic riders were all arrested at Ista for trespassing on the ruined grounds of a minor hold. Apparently, the group were delivering medical supplies to a smaller hold up the coast in aid of various refugees when they flew over the ruins of a small hold and thought they saw an area where people might still be trapped. Landing to investigate, they were promptly spotted by relief guards from Ista Weyr who challenged their presence at the beleaguered hold due to recent incidents of looting. D'son took responsibility for all Xanadu riders who have snuck in over the past month to offer aid to Ista, but denied any involvement with stealing. Given his background as an Istan and his continuing ties to the island, it certainly wouldn't make any sense at all for the young Weyrleader to be involved in such activities. The Xanadu riders returned to Ista Weyr with wingleader Ph'lip without resisting, though apparently Thea did have to be carried to a dragon for transport. It's unknown at this time how long the riders will be held at Ista. In the meantime, D'son is in contact with Niva via dragon.

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