A Master's Passing

In the wee hours of the morning, a keening rose among the dragons of Xanadu. A final respect to a CraftMaster's passing. Retired Healer Craftermaster Kristhalis passed this morning of a heart condition that had forced him to retire several turns ago. A condition that had plagued him on and off since his birth. He died surrounded by friends and family of which this missive was received. He is survived by his weyrmate, D'len, his partner Maharet, his son Ly'am, his sisters Lyn and Lisle, his nieces, nephew and grand niece.

To Harper Hall,

It is with a sad heart that I must report on the passing of Healer CraftMaster Kristhalis. He died surrounded by those that loved him and with his mind still on the wellbeing of others as he had spent most his life at Healer Hall. He will be well remembered for his dedication to his craft and and by the many babes he brought into the world in his over twenty turns of service. Think well of him when you read this, think not on his death but on life, on the lives he dedicated himself to.

Loving niece, Laera.

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