An Empty Tower

The clock tower at Xanadu, just recently built, seems as though it's now empty. The third floor is devoid of all living accoutrement, and the SmithCrafter responsible for its building and his lifemate are no longer seen around the area. However, it doesn't appear that he's left without a trace. A small wooden plaque on the door reads the following:

It's been my pleasure to have lived in Xanadu for as long as I have, and to have Impressed at this fine Weyr. Thank you — all of you — for the wonderful times I have had here. But alas, it is now my time to move on, as all things inevitably must. I will not be abandoning the clock tower, however; I will be visiting frequently to clean and make repairs to the movement. Good luck to you all, in your future endeavors.

A'dar and Zeituth

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