Healer Funnels Xanadu Goods

See why Xanadu is sending good through Healer Hall to Ista's Earthquake Victims

Harper Hall has, of course, sent aid in the way of Healers, supplies and manpower to dig victims from the rubble. All apprentices had been sent, classes at the Hall suspended immediately after the disaster to aid Ista through the first awful days, many even now stay on to help. Although classes have resumed, much of what is done in Ista is on-site training for the apprentices. More Senior members of the Healers from Journeymen to Masters also have offered and continue to render assistance there. Healer Hall has taken in as many of the seriously-injured folk as they could, as well as folks left homeless who can help around Healer Hall in a non-medical capacity.

Healer Hall has also helped to funnel the aid from Xanadu, thwarted by the Ista Weyr Weyrwoman's ban on help coming from Xanadu by supplying Healer knots for them to wear to avoid angering the Istans while they ferry valuable supplies of food, blankets, clothes, tents, lumber and their own medical supplies.

The Istan Saga Continues

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