To Aid or Not to Aid

For more information, please see Trouble at Ista

In spite of the turning back of aid from Xanadu, D'son's been suspiciously dirty and tired of late. So have some other Xanadu riders though the official setup of wings to rotate to the beleaguered island has also been 'officially' disbanded. Attentive folks might catch the Weyrleader sporting his old knot as he sneaks back into Xanadu late at night, with his face smeared up with dirt and dust. How any other riders might be 'sneaking in' to the ranks of the helpers is undetermined at this time, though old knots aren't particularly hard to come by, or can easily faked by any knowledgable weaver. Long story short, Xanadu isn't shirking with helping out where needed, in spite of edicts to the contrary. Given the young Weyrleader's strong ties to Ista, with family and a weyrmate still there, it's unsurprising that he's being stubborn.

For the follow up, please see More Problems

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