Avaeth's Eggs Hatch

It was just about mid-evening when the eggs on Xanadu's Sands began to rock and the dragons began to hum. It wasn't long after that the eggs began to break and the new pairs were on the sands. In the end, there were 2 bronzes, 3 browns, 3 blues, and 4 greens. Amongst the notable Impressions were:

R'owan (Rogawani) to Singing the Rains of Twilight Bronze Nyunath
M'nol (Morlanol) to The Hills Are Alive Brown Faraeth
R'zel (Ruzel) to From The Dragon's Kiln Brown Mikalath
Ontali (Riyontali) to A Little Spark of Magic Blue Cidheoth
Keziah to Stormy Sea's Destiny Green Alosynth
Vivian to Drawing Down the Moons Green Kelioth

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