Rumbling Reactions

See the General Post about the Earthquake on Ista Island

When the news filtered back to Xanadu of the catastrophe that occured on Ista Island, many expected the note to simply be put aside and ignored, given the anything but friendly relationship between Ista and Xanadu's Weyrwoman. Thus, it came as a surprise to many when not one but two wings were seen gathering in the Xanadu Clearing before blinking *between* to the affected area, with the random disappearance of individual riders throughout the day as well. A bit of investigation by curious parties located a typed note tacked to the board in the Living Caverns instructing any one interested in volunteering should go - a note similar to the one received by the Wingleaders chosen to respond.

However, with the note typed, there's no signs as who gave the orders - Was it Niva, finally relenting when it comes to Ista? Was it the young D'son looking to help his former home? Perhaps one of the other Juniors? All that's certain is that when it comes to Niva, at least, the subject is merely waved off, and she's hurrying off to take care of something else.

See Fort's Response and continued Trouble at Ista

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