Ancient Caverns in the South

Morning dawned clear and bright as half of the Galaxy wing was sent out by Niva down south along the Azov sea searching out a location that was found on an old map in the storage caverns. By the afternoon, they were back with the news. After some searching, one young rider stumbled across an area that looked a little more depressed than the surrounding terrain. After a few more flyovers to make sure it was safe, vegetation was hacked away and the entrance was found. The metal doors were warped enough from time and pressure that a person could squeeze through. However, within about 10 feet, the way was blocked due to a cave in. It would have to be shorn up and re-dug if any further exploration was to be done. Near the door, some broken crockery and a few broken crates could be seen along with a broken sheet of metal that was partially curved, it looked as if was once a part of something else.

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