Kilaueth's Eggs Hatch

While D'son has been proving his worth in the Office, and dispelling many of the worst myths of Istans, Kilaueth and Inimeth's eggs have been growing ever harder - the true test of this young, inexperienced bronze-pair's worth. Many bets were made, and much talk ensued until finally, a loud hum at midday announced the coming hatching.

When all was said and done 9 new pairs were settled in the barracks - barracks that will tight when Avaeth's hardening clutch hatches as well. The new pairs are:

X'vier (Xavier) and Made of Metal Bronze Manetoth
A'delf (Jhadelf) and Muddy Robes Brown Tsauramath
Iowynne and Cloak of Darkness Brown Nazguth
J'mes (Jaymes) and Dipped in Gold Blue Auriceth
Nika and Shadows of the Past Blue Shiroth
Eiryn and Winds of the North Blue Adseth
H'les (Herkles) and Feathers of the Peacock Green Herath
Airelle and Bewitching the Waves Green Urseleth
Lucee and End of the World Green Jadisth

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