Lost and Found in the Fog

Several sevendays ago, a girl was brought in from the fog. She was being carried by one of the members of the Retiree wing, who seemed to have grabbed the nearest person to her and taken off with them. Thea had already gone out to find glows for an apparently lost in the fog group of people in the forest, when one of them (whose name does definitely not resemble 'Tali' at all) got the bright idea of dashing off into the fog even further from somewhere that could be recognized, apparently after a puppy. Screams apparently brought the ire of the old bronzer, and he went out to see what they were — and quickly took ahold of the situation. Riyontali, the girl who was conscious, and Z'orde were cooped up in the Infirmary for several hours, until finally the candidate was allowed to go back to the barracks. Over the next sevenday, questions popped up — who was she? This was answered, at first through rumor and then through apparent fact: She was Keiva, Kefai's daughter, who had disappeared. Why was she at the Weyr? Why weren't people being allowed to talk to her? Did she know where her people are? Does she know how she got to the Weyr? Who wrote the message on the table? What does she know? But it seems that the girl has taken up the lamentable habit of keeping her mouth shut, even now.

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