The Weyrleader and the Lyrics

After seeing the lyrics to one of Pern's old traditional tunes for himself carved into that table in the caverns, D'son marched off, grumbling under his breath about insane criminals being royal pains in the arses and went off to see about making sure that all of the notes and things that are still 'somewhere' in a box get found so all the pieces of the mystery can get put back together again. Not pleased about the continued issues with what seems to be Kefai and his band of believers, D'son seems bound and determined to get to the bottom of the whole thing. Of course that whole age thing and lack of experience thing could really wind up being a problem, but the Weyrleader intends to make sure that all of the knowledge that people /do/ have and any materials that are currently 'missing' wind in the computer system for analysis. With redundant backups now that some poor sod has explained the idea of redundant backups to him.

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