A Message in the Fog

While Xanadu Weyr was blanketed with a heavy fog, many members of the Weyr chose to remain safely at home, hidden away, lest they risk injury in the darkness. Yet, on the minds of many was the fact that the last time such a fog settled itself upon Xanadu, the young weyrling goldrider Kate disappeared into the wilderness, leaving nary a trace - would another flee to the clutches of Kefai?

When the sun finally burned the fog away, however, it seems that all members of the Weyr are present and accounted for. However, there was an addition to the weyr - a message carved into a table in the Living Caverns, having been left at some point when the caverns were all but abandoned. The message a well-taught teaching ballad has made the occurrence no less disturbing.

Seas boil and mountians move,
Sands heat, dragons prove
Red Star passes,
Stones piles and fires burn,
Green withers, arm Pern.
Guard all passes.

And now, the questions are flying through the Weyr - who left the message? What does it mean?

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