Holds and Holders

Months have passed since the Conclave ordered Hannistan Holders off Rubicon lands, and to all outward appearances, the newer, rough-cut stakeholdings and quickly built cotholds have been abandoned. Sweep riders have reported that each known location that was encroaching upon Rubicon lands is now clearly overgrown, as the wilderness takes back what belongs to it. Rocks are tumbling, gardens are disappearing amongst the weeds, and wells are hidden from view - it would seem that the ambitious Lord Holder has done what he was told, and the majority of the 'hostages' have filtered back to their home, though many have elected to stay on at Xanadu or pursue other interests.

At the same time, little has come from Rubicon River as of late - the Lady Ryeira serving as the domestic warden for her young son, while a variety of men are vying for her hand, and control of the Hold's defenses. The shipwrecked man found by Xanadu riders offered no insight into the loss of the former Lord Holder, nor was able to answer any questions as simple as who he is, and thus has been settled at Healer Hall, hoping that their trained staff will be able to help him recover in time.

Who will the Lady Ryeira settle on? Will her hold's borders ever be secure? Is Lord Hannista truly playing by the rules?

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