Honeymoon's Over

After several months of seemingly smooth sailing barring the odd bump in the road of learning the Weyrleader's job and getting to know his Weyrwoman, D'son seems to have hit the inevitable: a fight with Niva. The two could be heard shouting from within the offices about Hisolda and the division of responsibility and traditional positions within the Weyr. Sounds like the young Weyrleader, while certainly willing to jump in and roll up his sleeves, isn't as keen on having traditionally Weyrwoman-owned duties such as lower caverns management foisted upon him. There was also a lot of the word 'Vivian' getting thrown around. In the aftermath, D'son seems to be intent on working closely with the juniors all the more to delegate out certain things, skipping over his own secretary except for those things that fall squarely within Vivian's defined duties. What this all means for the absent Headwoman and her staff though has yet to be seen.

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