No Longer Welcome

It had only been a seven-day since the arrival of Beastcraft Journeyman Ronani and two apprentices from Fort Hold. The trio had been sent by the crafthall to check on the stock lines and observe some of the weyr beastcrafters. Not everything went as planned. It was still quite early in the morning when some sort of confrontation broke out between the Journeyman and two candidates. Some weyrfolk and candidates were lucky (or unlucky) enough to catch sight of it, but no one seems to know what brought on the punch that knocked one of the two candidates to the ground. The fight seemed to end when one of the older stablehands stepped in, treatening the Journeyman with a trip to the dung heaps if he touched a candidate again.

A short time later, the beastcrafter was seen being harried from the weyr by a pair of riders and Thea's gold Seryth. While the two apprentices were allowed to remain and finish their task, it was made quite clear that Journeyman Ronani was no longer welcome.

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