Weyrleader's Whereabouts

Since the Istan pair of F'yr and Zaruath arrived at the Dragonhealer Annex in the wake of the injuries sustained in the firefighting incident at Western, D'son has been notably present as a constant lurker just outside the infirmary. He's still going to his office first thing in the morning, still meeting with wingleaders, the Weyrwoman, the juniors and heading outWeyr to talk to holders and trying to convince Hisolda to come back. However, whenever he's not actively needed somewhere, he can be found sitting on a chair outside the infirmary, waiting to be let in to see the Istan brownrider as soon as it's deemed safe. Some may scratch their heads and wonder why such obvious devotion to the brownpair, others may remind that Zaruath and Inimeth were from the same clutch and those in the know will point out the connection between D'son and F'yr though most of those people aren't the sort to make a big deal out of it.

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