A Weyr Holiday

Notices have gone up around Xanadu Weyr with news of a large scale outting. With the latest batch of Weyrlings old enough to fly, candidates filling the barracks, and the Clutches on the Sands hard enough to be trusted to their golds alone, it seems that this turn's Lastfall Day will be a celebration to remember. With many already beginning to talk about Xanadu Weyr's 150th anniversary later this turn, it seems that remembering the past is a theme that will be carried on throughout the coming months.

An excursion has been planned to a nearby stretch of wilderness - with enough space for food and bonfires, music, fun, runner racing and more. It seems, too, to honor the spirit of the day, that there will be a large stone inscribed with the names of those riders from Xanadu who lost their lives to Thread during the 24 turns they fought it as a Weyr, as listed in the records. Everyone in encouraged to pause and pay their respects.

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