Out of the Flames

In the quiet of the night a strange sight emerged not quite high above Xanadu Weyr. Large bronzes burst out of :between: carrying a precious cargo: one wrapped up brown Zaruath. After carefully setting him down, both dragon and his small rider, F'yr, were ushered to the Dragonhealer Annex. Few actually witnessed the event, but gossip doesn't stay hidden long in a Weyr, and some are saying that the brown is lucky enough to be alive.

Word has it that they are an Istan pair that arrived from Western Weyr. Having been battling the out of control fire, the brown was knocked out of the sky through the flames and then hit the ground hard. His face, they say, is even disfigured by the burns (though some do confirm that the brown's face has been the same since he hatched). But burned the pair were, the dragon's wing shattered as well among other ailments. For now they have kept out of sight, but are to remain at the Weyr indefinitely.

Meet F'yr and Zaruath

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