Still No Hisolda

Weeks have turned into months at Xanadu Weyr, and yet, their longtime headwoman has yet to return from her vacation, causing many to fear that despite the former Weyrleader's promise, it is a permanent one. And yet, despite the work that is piling up, and the added strain to the Assistants and Junior Weyrwoman alike, no attempt has come from Niva to try and fill the position - Hopeful thinking, perhaps, that the older woman *will* still return?

Whatever the reasoning, many of the assistants can be heard grumbling about their extra workload, particularly with two clutches on the Sands to handle, and candidates coming in left and right. One Junior in particular, Thea, once an assistant to Hisolda has found herself with the majority of the extra work, and has all but been assigned to handling the various concerns and issues of the candidates, at least until her former boss's return.

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