A Miner Candidate

It was a sleepy Vwayath and Marte that one young Miner apprentice ran into in the Meadow, the brown pair enjoying a bit of sun and a bit of a nap. After nearly scaring the poor boy to death, Marte's main concern was what they had such a small boy doing in the mines, and how on Pern he could get so dirty. Despite the boy's best reassurances that his job is nothing dangerous, Marte was still unwilling to accept the 'fun' of such a dark, horrible place, and Vwayath seemed prone to agree.

However, an opportunity to keep him 'safe' presented itself, when the brown decided that the young boy should stand for the clutches on the Sands - as sort of a turn day present - provided he cleaned himself up. And so, with the promise of new (to him) clothes, and a new knot, Morlanol joyfully accepted, and is now one of those white-knotted candidates.

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