It seems that there's a pair at Xanadu that's going to try and repopulate Pern on their own (or at least give L'ton a run for his money). Sometime after a certain green rose and was once again caught by a familiar, older bronze « He's not that old…well he's old but …Oh Nevermind. », the greens rider was seen in a heated debate with one of the healers. Seems like a case of food poisening thanks to her own bad cooking was not actually food poisening at all.

Once again Tay is walking around with moods alternating between glowing happiness and snarling irratation which could make things very interesting when her green decides to get off her rump and help add to the candidates when it's called for. Though all should be glad as healers have told her that she's not carrying a pack of littles this time, as all tests are showing that it should be only one bun in the oven.

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