An Istan in the Mix

What started as a simple enough favor at Ista Weyr - L'ton asking Iroha to help him help one of the headwomen there, quickly turned into a trip to Xanadu, and an interesting discussion indeed. While L'ton had a special delivery for one Assistant at Xanadu, he was too wary to ask after the woman himself, and thus enlisted Iroha to join him for the trip. After talking about how lucky he was, and enjoying the view over a slow spiral to Xanadu's clearing, L'ton had an offer for Iroha, a girl who had stood for the clutch Dhonzayth had sired with Ankhepith at Ista - Stand for the eggs on the Sands at Xanadu - after all, to L'ton they're as much his as Avaeth's, and he should have at least one token Istan upon the Sands.

After a bit of consideration, a few questions, Iroha agreed - L'ton promising to take her back and forth to Ista should she wish to return home - and the arrangements were made, while the special packages were delivered with Iroha's help.

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