Not in my Towels!

Solitary in his clock tower, A'dar ignored the squawking of his green firelizard, Oihana. So she went Between, in a huff. Now, this was something that A'dar had been accustomed too, so he didn't think much of it. She normally came back without much incident later. However, unbeknownst to the clocksmith apprentice, these were proddy squawkings! This time she stayed gone for a good long time, answering the call of nature. By the time she returned, A'dar was looking around the grounds of his clock tower for her, as she never went far.

And where did Oihana go? Somehow, it seems, she found her way clear to Western! She came back much calmer, and A'dar put it down to her having gotten out of her system whatever it was that set her off. Not unusual, considering how temperamental she could be at times.

It wasn't much longer before she laid a clutch of three eggs. In a pile of soft towels, newly washed on the day the eggs were laid. Oihana didn't seem to be falling over herself to care for them, either. Remembering that there was a box of sand in Xanadu's caverns for just such an emergency, he picked them up, sneaking out of his clock tower at night, deposited them in the sand box there, and silently left the caverns. Someone else could deal with them.

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