Keziah Rescued!

Led by wingleader D'had and with the Weyrleader along to head up one of the searching groups, a group of riders went out in search of missing Keziah on the 17th of the first month, turn 2681. After combing the marshes for an hour or so, a disturbed flock of birds and what turned out to be the flash of the assistant stablemaster's compass drew attention to her location. With no room to land a dragon, the rescuers hauled the tired, muddy, hungry, thirsty and slightly sprained-ankled Keziah up aboard Inimeth for safe transport back to the Weyr.

Amongst the rescue party were Thea and Rogawani aboard gold Seryth, D'had and blue Siebith and D'son and Vivian aboard brone Inimeth. Rumor has it that Vivian exchanged harsh words with both D'had and Thea prior to departure and earned herself a reprimand from the Weyrleader, but still wound up all cozy-snuggling up against him for the duration of the searching, though D'son seemed to mostly ignore such attention, being focused on finding the missing stablemaster.

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