An Early Flyover

Early in the morning on day 13 of month 1, a small mission left the Weyr to go do a flyover of the area near where the remains of Lusiath's clutch were found. On point, X'hil and Kinseth and the Weyrleader, both bronzes keeping a relatively low profile, though apparently Kinseth was instructed to search mentally for young dragon minds, just in case one or more of the eggs did manage to hatch. After several hours of searching, the effort proved fruitless and the riders returned to the Weyr without anything new to report about the situation or any new clues about Kefai.

D'son however seems to have a bee in his bonnet about the whole affair and is talking to everyone who's been involved in the investigation so far. Rumor has it, he intends to even go talk to Ysa herself at Ista.

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