Lost in the Swamp

Late one afternoon, Keziah's gold firelizard appeared carrying a message for Alaria who was busy watching Mirai along with some other youngsters out by the beach. Witnesses say that first there was a look of disbelief and then one of shock. She was then overheard telling Mirai that she'd be staying with her for awhile since her mother had her trip extended, choosing not to tell the toddler that her mother was lost, of all things.

Seems Keziah, took an alternate route home from delivering a few runners and caprines to an outlying hold and ran into to some weather and altered landscape in a marshy area and though she's reasonably sure on her directions of travel, she's not entirely sure on just where she's at.

Will Keziah ever find her way back home? Will she ever live down the ribbing she is bound to receive?

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