An Introduction to Delson

Dels is all of 19 (eep) and was formerly wingleader of Ocean Sapphire at Ista Weyr. He's Istan born and bred except for a short stint of living at the Smithcraft when he was younger. He Impressed Inimeth just over 4 turns ago along with K'ael and F'yr and is pretty good friends with Ista's Weyrleader. Dels is at this point in his life, fairly easygoing, though he still tends to fluster sometimes in awkward social situations. Still, he's a pretty steady young man with a solid head on his shoulders and his reputation at Ista is pretty much that: steady guy who's mostly risen to the challenge of leading a wing, even so young. Question is, will he bring that to the position of Weyrleader at Xanadu, or fall spectacularly on his face?

Inimeth is a social butterfly and can be expected to make pals with Xanadu's dragons pretty quickly. They're both interested in learning and determined to make this new situation work out in spite of all the obstacles.

Meet D'son and Inimeth

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