An Unexpected Change

With tensions running high at Xanadu, many members of the leadership team have been at each others' throats, and even the Headwoman Hisolda was feeling it. And it was an argument over her vacation from headwoman that echoed from the Queen's Ledges, before Kilaueth took to the feeding pens, and then to the skies, leading those males on a long, fast-paced chase over the Sea of Azov. Chased by the Weyrleader's bronze Hesketh, the Weyrsecond's bronze Kinseth, the former Weyrsecond's bronze Arinith, the young Istan Inimeth, and a daring bronze Nyeth (NPC - Nenowyn), there was no worry about the situation changing at Xanadu.

However, everyone involved was surprised with the Senior gold was caught unawares by a rogue thermal, and was thrown backwards into the chasing males - and into the clutches of the young Inimeth, making the teenage Istan rider the new Weyrleader of Xanadu Weyr.

Now, rumors circulate - what will Xanadu do with a Weyrleader who is younger than Niva's own daughter? And, who is an Istan no less, given the Weyrwoman's known dislike for bronzeriders of the island Weyr. Will he be able to resolve the arguments that Niva has done nothing but encourage with Ista and Fort? And, what will Xanadu do, with the former Weyrleader R'sul having disappeared on vacation with his weyrmate, and the Headwoman Hisolda still on her own vacation?

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