The Double Clutch Hatches

The dragons hummed, the shells cracked and the Sands of the Hatching Arena swarmed with baby dragons from two queen dragons who shared the sands with two clutches of eggs. In the end they all found that special one to share the rest of their lives with and Xanadu has 15 new Weyrlings to train. The new pairs are:

From Seryth and Kinseth's Clutch:
Z'van (Zevan) and Time's Perfection Bronze Areith
M'ren (Malren) and Terra Cotta Cliffside Brown Atsath
A'ar (Aidar) and Sweat and Tears Brown Turinth
Jev'n (Jevan) and Written in the Heavens Blue Akyth
T'ne (Tione) and Dignified Priest Blue Teyath
Xandraea and Moon-Kissed Maiden Green Quarbimlath
N'sken (Nosken) and Perilous Beauty Green Seibanth
Lila and Tranquil Garden Green Yuanth

From Solarith and Saenkarith's Clutch:
Lija and Beneath the Abysmal Seas Brown Arkonuth
S'lar (Silarus) and Silent Hunter of the Moors Brown Cusith
Calyn and From the Shadows Blue Chupath
A'li (Xaliyan) and Chaos is a Wish Blue Najimeth
S'alyn (Setalyn) and Ancient Soul Green Celaenth
T'eri (Setari) and Creature of the Deep Green Lesirauth
Balana and Fearsome Swift-footed Green Phaselith

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